ocean delight

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November 1981, in partnership with Aburai Kabo of Japan, Shigeru Hirai wanted to recreate the fish cakes traditionally made in Japan (Satsuma age) and Kamaboko.

Using recipes over 100 years old, Ocean Delight accomplished what Shig set out to do – to promote sales of products, Shig gave out samples to local retailers and after a couple of years, Ocean Delight began to grow.

Today it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of fresh imitation crab meat and fishcakes and as a federally approved plant we are able to ship products throughout North America.

Our most popular item is imitation crab meat which comes in flake form and widely used in the popular California Roll Sushi.


This versatile product is ready to eat but can also be used in soups, casseroles, pasta dishes and anything else that calls for crab meat.