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In June 1991, we opened our Fujiya store in Victoria to cater to the booming Vancouver Island market. We're located 1/2 block south of Cedar Hill Cross Road, across from Shelbourne Plaza and near the University of Victoria. In February 2005, we underwent a major renovation to include an updated kitchen with the goal of adding ready-to-eat foods and increasing sushi varieties.


At our Victoria store, our shelves are filled with Japanese cuisine essentials. Grocery shoppers may pick up our miso paste, soba, udon noodles, dashi (fish-based stock), nori (seaweed) and fish from our large cooler section. We carry everything you need to prepare and serve all kinds of Japanese food, from the ingredients to the cookware to the dishes and ohashi (chopsticks)!


We also have Japanese newspapers (Vancouver Shinpo community paper and Asahi Shimbun - American Edition), magazines and videos. Whether you're on your lunch break, off work or visiting the area, Fujiya provides the convenience and luxury of having freshly made sushi and other items available for you to take home. Raw Fish... Well Done!


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